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Your brand is the way your customers instantly perceive you. It is the first impression and could be the single factor that separates you from your competitor. It is more than just a logo. It is your tone of voice and the ability to communicate your business’ story at a single glance.

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Logo design

Big Red Design Co. strives to keep these core aspects in mind when designing a new logo for a business. 

It's clean

Logos come in all shapes, sizes and types, but one thing all great logos have in common is that they are legible. Your new logo will be clean and void of all visual clutter.

It's memorable

The most memorable logos are the ones that have a uniqueness to them. If you are in a competitive market, you need a visual identity that stands out from the competition.

It's versatile

In today’s digital environment, logos need to look great in all spaces – from large scale billboards, to small social media profile images. Your new logo design will have all of these mediums taken into account.

It's intentional

It’s important that your logo tells the story of your brand. Big Red Design Co. will ask all of the necessary questions so that your new logo intentionally portrays your business in the way you want it to be seen.


Small images, big picture

Even though logos are presented to customers as small images, they represent the big picture for your business. In the current marketing landscape we live in, mostly everything can be customized to add logos, colors and fonts which makes logos all that more of an important value to your business. The process below has given businesses a final logo they are proud to call theirs!



Let’s get a clear picture of your business and the competitive landscape. Research will be done on your competition and what branding methods are working in your industry. The goal in this step is to formulate a strategy on how to present your business to your customers as a unique brand in your field.



More than just sketches on a piece of paper. Pivotal processes like color theory and style tiles help will help form a look and feel for your brand that resonates with not only you, but your customers. A number of designs are presented and a final selection is iterated on until we have something perfect for your business.



Now that you have a logo that you love, you will be handed over all files.. This includes all special iterations of the logos and they will all be optimized for use at any size and for any use case. I will guide you on how to use your new logo on different pieces, from printing on collateral, to cropping for social media profiles.

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Tanisha Naughton Testimonial for Big Red Design Company
“Mike was very professional when consulting me to create a logo for my business. He was patient with my ideas and changing my mind to find the perfect logo. The work is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. The process was very easy going, and I am looking forward to showing my clients my new logo thanks to Mike and all of his hard work!”

Tanisha Naughton
Owner – Ms. Wellness

Stand out from the competition

Having an up-to-date logo and consistent branding across all platforms is essential in telling your brand’s story. If you are interested in a branding package that takes your company’s look and feel to the nexet level, contact us for more information.