The 3 ways to stay top of mind with your customers

The 3 ways to stay top of mind with your customers

You’ve been there before – that point in the buying process where you’re ready to make your decision. You’ve looked into a few companies that are all offering the same type of thing at around the same price point. If you are like me, you have also gone to their website, looked at their reviews online, and maybe even asked a friend or 2 if they have had experience with any of them.

But what ultimately led you to choose one over the other?

Over the last few decades, the internet has changed the way in which customers come to find a company to do business with. We’re past the days when the only form of successful marketing you can do as a company is by running expensive radio, tv, or billboard ads. Today, some companies are finding success marketing their product/service by using a free social media account. While this has certainly made it easier to start and run a successful business, it has also created a ton of competition as well.

So, knowing that your audience is as informed as they have ever been and that you (likely) have more competition than you’ve ever had, how do you stay top of mind?

The Know, Like, Trust factor

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for creating customer engagement and loyalty, but being able to get customers to know, like, and trust you have been proven to give you a psychological advantage in the minds of buyers.

Getting your customers to know you
How to get your customers to know you -- Big Red Design Co

It shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but in order to get potential customers to do business with you, they need to know that your company exists. Not only that, they also need to know that you provide a product or service that they need. After all, your company name may only take the business so far in terms of explaining what it is you offer (think “John’s” vs “John’s Auto Body”). Getting your audience to understand your business and how it solves their problem is the first step in successfully staying top of mind in the minds of your customers.

Creative ways to get your customers to know you

1. Start a blog about your industry
2. Create a giveaway or some sort of promotion that entices users to learn more about you.
3. Optimize your website to show in Google searches
4. Interview industry experts
5. Use one or many of the available free social platforms to your advantage to build an audience.

Getting your customers to like you
How to get your customers to like you -- Big Red Design Co

You’ve managed to get your brand name out there and people know of the product or service you offer. While it is great that your audience knows of your business and how you can help, it’s important for you to get them to like you as well. The truth is, you may be one of many businesses offering the same thing to your potential customer in your town or city alone. Imagine you’re in a room with all of your competition trying to speak to your audience at once. What can you do to differentiate yourself stand out from the white noise?

If you have ever done research on your audience or come up with key indicators that make up the target demographic of your customers, then this is where that knowledge really comes in handy. After all, the more you know about someone, the easier it is to resonate with them personally.

Creative ways to get your customers to like you:

1. Listen as often as you speak. It’s important that people know how you can help, but listening to your customers may introduce you to a unique way of solving their problems.
2. Be as authentic as possible and add personality to your website[link] and other marketing content.
3. Engage with your audience on social media channels.
4. Be a great storyteller.
5. Make sure all of your marketing content is relevant.

Getting your customers to trust you

How to get your customers to trust you -- Big Red Design Co.

So now your audience knows your company and how you can help them and you’ve managed to resonate and appeal to them. Sometimes, doing these alone may get you the sale. If not, the most important (and often the hardest) part is getting your potential customer to trust you. Simply put, this is where you have the most influence on the psyche of a buyer. They aren’t only trusting you – they are trusting their own judgment in choosing you as well. When you have that type of confirmation from someone, it is much easier to ask them to invest their time, resources, or money with your business.

Creative ways to get your customers to trust you

1. Use testimonials from past experiences that show why you are the right fit
2. Communicate effectively
3. Maintain a high standard of delivery of your product or service.
4. Offer satisfaction guarantees
5. Admit to mistakes made

Trust sells

When you are known and liked, you are putting yourself in a great position to win the sale at hand. Once you become trusted, it adds another dimension that pays dividends long after that sale is done. That’s because once you establish trust, your customers are more willing to buy from you again, as well refer you to others as well!