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Your website should be your #1 salesperson

No matter how your business is set up, having a successful website is a necessity in today’s digital environment. A website done properly should be a visual extension of your business that does a good job attracting, engaging, and most importantly, converting your potential customers into paying ones.

The best part? It’s always on. 24/7!

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Web design services

Our web design services cover the entire spectrum of your website needs. From initial planning to increasing your visibility on search engines and everything in between. What makes it even better, our ongoing website care plans allow you continue running your business without trying to manage your website on your own. We’ll keep your site in tip top shape and performing at its best!

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Web design

As the central hub for your online presence, your website can’t afford to look unprofessional or outdated. We design beautiful websites that are sure to get compliments!

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Website development

You know the adage, “castles can’t be built on sand”? The same is true for websites. We build our websites on solid foundations so they can handle any feature that your business needs.

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Search engine optimization

With a successful SEO strategy in place, your website will be primed to show up when it’s needed most in search engines. It’s like nerd magic!

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Website audit

Get a technical, in-depth review of your website for things like SEO, lead generation, user experience and website loading times. This review comes with a walk through of actionable items!

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Lead generation

Turn more of your prospects into paying customers! We’ll put strategies in place that will help guide the traffic coming to your website into dedicated sales funnels.

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Website traffic analytics

Numbers don’t lie. That’s why getting accurate monthly data around your website users is one of the most powerful pieces of information that you can own for your business. 

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Website care

Business doesn’t grow when its left stagnant – same goes for your website. The technical details of keeping a website up to date and secure can be overwhelming, but we’ve got you covered!

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Strategic partnerships

We’re in your corner. With you. Rooting for your success. As subject matter experts, you’ll be able to lean on our expertise for whatever questions or ideas you may have.

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Why is having a website so important?

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88% of website users are less likely to return to a website if they have a bad experience.

Like it or not, first impressions matter! Having an outdated design, unclear messaging and poorly laid out information could cost you that 2nd date!

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40% of people leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

In an era of instant gratification, a slow loading website is no longer acceptable. Website users today not only prefer, but expect a website to load quickly.

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38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout are unattractive.

Having an unattractive website is like having an unattractive storefront. If users don’t like the look or layout of a store, they are more inclined to leave without buying anyhing.

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85% of people use the internet to find a local business or service.

The overwhelming majority of consumers are using search engines like Google to find what they are looking for. Where you are in those results matters.


You can't spell website without "we"

Expect the path to a successful website launch to be a collaborative one. The most thought out websites tend to have a lot of initial input from the business itself and usually lead to a high rate of success. After all, you know your business better than anyone else! Together, we can identify areas of concern that need to be addressed and focus on them to create measurable results. 



Let’s figure out what your goals are. How can a new website help you achieve them? What does the competitive landscape look like? These types of questions can help create an actionable guide towards successfully reaching your goals.


More than just your brand’s colors on a website. We use the design phase to visually guide your website’s users towards the goals of your business and alleviate any unnecessary paint points along the way for a frictionless experience.


Make sure your website is optimized for every situation. Whether it is being viewed at home on a desktop or on a crowded train, your website will not only look beautiful but have the performance to match as well!


Let’s figure out what your goals are. How can a new website help you achieve them? What does the competitive landscape look like? These types of questions can help create an actionable guide towards successfully reaching your goals.


From start to launch - and beyond

One thing often overlooked in the website project is what happens after your site is launched. A truly successful website is one that is maintained, optimized, secured and updated.

As an all-in-one web design solution for your business, we make sure that all steps of your web design are handled. From initial planning to launch, as well as all of the ongoing maintenance and care that is needed after, your website will be set up for continued success.

What are the benefits of a Big Red website?

It engages

A website is more than a combination of pretty pictures and colors on a screen. Your website will allow your users to navigate where they want to be on all screen sizes, with as little friction as possible.

It's thought out

Strategy and planning play a big part in the success of any part of your business. Your website isn’t any different.  A well thought out website can, and should, cover the investment made to create it.

It moves the bar

Whether it’s site visits, downloads, conversions, or sales, a website should have goals that are measurable to a specific metric. This makes it easier to track the success of it.

It's supported

A beautiful looking website will do nothing for your business if proper measures aren’t taken to support it. Regular updates, 24 hour security, and ongoing optimization efforts help keep your site in tiptop shape

Is your website running on all cylinders?

Your website is one of the first things that your potential customers will see when they’re searching for a company like yours online.

Are you missing out on potential new leads because your website has problems that you’re not aware of?

Achieve Your Websites Peak Performance - Big Red Design Co.

Featured web design projects

Testimonial for Big Red Design Co - FIL, Inc.
“We cannot begin to express how satisfied we were with, not only your professionalism and creativity, but with your patience and understanding throughout our entire rebranding process. Your feedback and attention to detail truly sparked our brainstorming sessions, which has helped us in more ways than you know. Thank you for getting us to the next level!”

Andre Wright
Director – FIL, Inc.

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We really enjoy creating beautiful websites that get results for small businesses, and we’d be over the moon to do the same for you. If you’re interested in taking your website and digital marketing to the next level, get in touch.

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