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Search engine optimization is a technical, ongoing process that helps attract organic traffic to your website. When done properly, your business will have exponentially better online visibility than you did before you implemented it. Each business is different, so what works for another business isn’t necessarily the best option for you. It is best to find someone who has the knowledge and is also thoughtful enough to ask the right questions so that they can focus on the areas you want to target for growth.

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What are the factors that significantly impact your ranking?

Mobile friendly

Google is constantly updating it’s algorithm to keep the internet moving forward. In one of its latest updates, it ranks mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly.

Keep it lean

Another pivotal ranking factor is site speed. To the average person, 2 seconds is not considered a long time. To Google, you start getting penalized if your site loads any longer than that.

Content is king

As beautiful as your site looks, Google ranks your page or site based off of the content rather than the look. Make sure your site has substance in the form of words and that they are relevant to what you want to be found for.


Even if your business spans across the globe, localizing your SEO efforts helps show up when users are searching in their area. Ranking higher locally gives you a stronger domain authority which tells Google that your site is important.

“Mike was very professional when consulting me to create a logo for my business. He was patient with my ideas and changing my mind to find the perfect logo. The work is amazing and I couldn’t be happier. The process was very easy going, and I am looking forward to showing my clients my new logo thanks to Mike and all of his hard work!”
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