LocumTenens.com is the largest locum tenens job board for Physicians, PA's NP's and CRNA's.

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Happily working full-time in-house as LocumTenens.com’s front end web developer, I have had a lot of fun making this website my baby. On day 1, I walked into a website that had been a Frankenstein job by numerous designers and developers. There was some mobile styling in place, but the site itself was not fully responsive. What we have now is a website that loads ~500% quicker than its predecessor. Quite impressive, for a website of this magnitude. In fact, almost all measurable front end statistics have shown drastic improvements.

This project entailed a large scale of people involved. Analyzation of the target market was researched for weeks, card sorting exercises to build the information architecture, and even some enhancements to the registration process all yielded very positive results in the year it has been live. 

Improvements are always being made, as the industry is ever changing and the competitive landscape keeps growing. The need to have the quickest, easiest website to use will keep you in the lead!



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